Jon Moon

Clarity and Impact

What delegates say

Below are over 400 comments from feedback forms. From more than 130 firms (by October 2017). And I haven't even added ones that 'merely' say "Excellent" or the like.

The most popular: 87 mentions of Best, 84 Fantastic, 70 Brilliant, 44 Ever (e.g. 'best ever'), 29 Love (people 'love' it...). 

Occasional: 10 Outstanding, 11 Amazing, 10 Life/game/world-changing, 8 Superb, 9 Awesome, 7 Inspiring, Extremely, 5 Perfect, Wonderful, 4 Mind-blowing, Immensely, Didn’t want it to end.

One-offs: Phenomenal, Legend, Amaze-balls, Quintessential embodiment, Road to Damascus, Jaw-dropping, Beautiful, Fab, Genius, Beast of a session, Fast and furious, One of the best days I've ever spent, Breath of fresh air, Tremendous, Bang on, Swashbuckling, Whirlwind.

My favourite? I've soft spot for: "A beautiful Course". It's neat.

Initials of delegates in brackets 

"Jon was fantastic. If I was able to change my feedback on other presenters, I'd downgrade them all, using Jon as the new standard of excellence" Orbis (anon)

"Best Course I've been on since joining the working world... potentially the most important day of work I've ever done" Ofcom (SS)

"One of the most effective, useable Courses I've ever attended (and I've attended many!)" Mersey Healthcare (CS)

"One of the most amazing and interesting Courses attended - the tips were just too good!" Barclays (PA)

"One of the very few Courses where I learnt something that'll serve me all of my life" MorrisonFS (PG)

"Done reporting-writing Courses before... learnt quantum amounts more today" LSBU (JA)

"Undoubtedly the most useful, insightful and interesting Course I've been on" Magnox (RH)

"One of the most enjoyable and informative Courses ever attended!" World Bank (UM)

"I've never heard so much helpful advice on just one training day" Warwick Uni (anon)

"Who'd have thought a day in the office could be so entertaining!" Towers Watson (PS)

"Everything you said I can apply to everything I do" RBC (AJ)

"The quintessential embodiment of clarity & impact" LSEG

"A brilliant Course I'd recommend in a heartbeat!" IMF (WG)

"By far the best training session in 13 years here" PRS (DP)

"The most meaningful & useful training I've done" IMF (Aon)

"Best professional development Course I've done" ADU (KT)

"One of the most entertaining Courses I've done" Ofcom (EC)

"Don't think I've ever enjoyed a Course so much" NPower (RE)

"The most fun, exciting, clever Course I've done" Grace (TS)

"The most accessible Course I've been on...ever" Ofcom (TP)

"Best lesson I've had in reports & clear-thinking" ATG (KW)

"Thanks for this amazing, one-of-a-kind Course" Aon (RW)

"Covers brilliantly how to be concise & effective" RBC (LB)

"Probably most useful day-Course I've been on" LSBU (SA)

"Probably most useful day-event I've ever done" USSU (LP)

"Engaging and compelling. Time flew. Great fun" BT (MA)

"Fantastic style of delivery, energy and content" BUPA (CA)

"Best training I've had... don't change any of it" Ofcom (RB)

"All other Courses now feel like a waste of time" BUPA (JW)

"One of the best Courses I've done in 16 years" RBC (AS)

"Amazing. Everyone should do it at least once!" Orbis(EK)

"Most engaging training Course I've ever done" Edin Univ (JB)

"Without doubt, the best Course I've attended" Anon (DoC)

"Best presentation seminar I've ever attended" Nelsons (RJ)

"Sharp. Entertaining. Fast-paced. Eye-opening" Orbis (TS)

"Best workshop ever. Wouldn't change a thing" Orbis (anon)

"Fast and furious! Full of spark & inspirations!" EBA (Anon)

"By far the most interesting Course I've done" NHS (PW)

"One of the best, if not the best, I've been on" H-Watt Uni (IB)

"The most useful & inspiring Course in years!" Tesco (LG)

"Would recommend for anyone and everyone" RBC (MK)

"By far the most useful training I've had here" Aon (NF)

"If we all did this, work would be a lot easier!" 3i (SM)

"Brilliant. Why can't all Courses run like this?" UKHO (JW)

"The most useful skills training I've attended" World Bank (PL)

"One of the most practical Courses I've done" World Bank (SB)

"Entertaining, no-nonsense, brilliantly useful" IMF (SM)

"If only I could select higher than 'excellent'" Orbis (anon)

"Most accessible Course I've been on... ever" Ofcom (TP)

"Would recommend this Course to everyone" Quintiles (RK)

"One of the best training days I've ever had" Home Office (IB)

"Extremely informative, brilliantly presented" Grouse Lodge

"Ice-cold clarity in an ocean of technobabble" UKHO (SH)

"Revolutionises how thoughts become words" Dpt of Educ (JU)

"Love it! Best training since I joined the firm" Virgin (JL)

"Amazing - everyone should do the Course!" Miller (JC)

"One of the best Courses I've ever attended" World Bank (AP)

"One of the best Courses I've ever attended" RBS (KB)

"Maybe the best training I've ever attended" MEC (CP)

"The most useful training at work I've done" LSHP (CG)

"Extremely useful... immediately applicable" LSEG (CS)

"One of the best Courses I've ever been on" WPP (FP)

"One of the best Courses I've ever been on" Amethyst (CJ)

"One of the best Courses I've done in years" World Bank (KG)

"The day was fantastic.... fantastic speaker" Orbis (anon)

"Far & away best training Course I've done" Close Bros (MD)

"Best training Course I've been on in years" UKHO (NG)

"Brilliant... best training I've ever attended" LSBU (AG)

"Every second honed to ensure we succeed" Edin Uni (SW)

"Extremely enjoyable and informative day!" Ofcom (PM)

"Fantastic Course-  thanks for a great day!" Aon (AM)

"One of the most insightful talks I've done" World Bank (UM)

"Honestly, the best training I've ever done" EBA (LE)

"Most engaging presenter I've experienced" PRS (SJ)

"Best Course I've attended in 6 years here" Ofcom (AB)

"Thank Heavens for flipchart-free training!" RBC (JS)

"Loved his methods to convey information" IMF (HS)

"The Road to Damascus for report-writers" Ubisense (CJ)

"A swashbuckling, bull-sh*t-busting romp" CIFF (EB)

"Haven't been to a more engaging Course" World Bank (SV)

"One of the best trainings I ever attended" RBS India (AM)

"One of the best Courses I have attended" CII (VS)

"Most engaging Course I've ever been on" Ofcom (KJ)

"The most impactful Course I've attended" IMF (CM)

"Best training I've had since starting work" Aon (BC)

"Probably the best Course I've done here" Ofcom (AF)

"Best Course I've taken in a long while!!" World Bank (CB)

"Best training Course I've ever attended" Martin Currie (CB) 

"Most useful training Course we've done" Aon (RR)

"One of the best Courses I've ever done" Essex CC (AC)

"Best Course I've attended in my career" Manchester Uni (SW)

"Best training Course I've ever attended" SUS (KC)

"Will revolutionise how I produce reports" Imp Tobacco (CJ)

"This is not your run-of-the-mill Course" Nelsons (RJ)

"Best training Course I've ever been on" BT (MB)

"One of the best Courses I've attended" Heriot-Watt (GM)

"One of the best Courses I've attended" Virgin (KP)

"One of the best Courses I've attended" PRS (CH)

"One of the best Courses I've attended" Barts Hospital (JP)

"One of the best Courses I've attended" Tesco (JR)

"One of the best Courses I've attended" RBC (PB)

"What a revelation... love the concepts" AIB (RB)

"One of the best trainers I've ever met" Essex CC (ECW)

"Really excellent - will help enormously" Google (EK)

"One of my all-time favourite trainings!" IMF (BN)

"Great training... highly recommended!" MEC (JS)

"Jon was superb... the day just flew by" RBC-J (anon) 

"Extremely entertaining and enjoyable" Willis (CE)

"One of the best training I've attended" RBS India (SS)

"One of the best Courses I've attended" Grace Foods (JM)

"Best 'soft skills' training I've ever had" Inmarsat (CA)

"What a breath of fresh air... fantastic!" McCarthy Stone (DM)

"Brilliant, entertaining and very useful!" Ofcom (FB)

"The most useful Course I've attended" BUPA (MM)

"So good, I came back a second time!" BUPA (PM)

"One of the best Courses I've been on" Close Bros (BK)

"One of the best Courses I've been on" Close Bros (JB)

"One of the best Courses I've been on" Equiniti (MM)

"One of the best Courses I've been on" Virgin (AH)

"Best L&D training so far in my career" Aon (MF)

"Fantastic concepts taught throughout" UKHO (NK)

"Unlike any other Course I've been on" Coventry BS (MP)

"By far the best Course I've attended" Strategic Research (SH)

"One of the best days I've ever spent"(!) Ofcom (KH)

"What a day! Fantastically refreshing" AIB (PS)

"Fascinating insight... transformative" Clearnet (BK)

"Enjoyed every minute of the Course" IMF (anon)

"Can't wait to apply the new material" World Bank (IV)

"Most useful training event I've done" Univ of Sth Wales (MS)

"Does exactly what it says on the tin!" Orbis (SG)

"Best Course I've done in a long time" Univ of S'th Wales

"I won't trap pigs in palaces anymore"(!?) Assura (NM)

"Thoroughly enjoyable & informative" Towers Watson (RS)

"Learned 10 years of tips in 6 hours!" IMF (AM)

"Jon's knowledge is truly remarkable" National Concert Hall

"Fantastic way to teach complex stuff" Leeds Art (RS)

"Very entertaining, thoroughly useful" Aon (DV)

"Fantastic guidance on report writing" One Housing (PA)

"Fantastic. Held our attention all day" Kames Capital (IS)

"Excellent, enlightening, motivating!" IMF (ZS)

"Love the lack of breakout sessions!" Towers Watson (HR)

"Brilliant Course & brilliantly taught!" IMF (JS)

"Best one-day Course I've attended" Aon (BB)

"Wonderfully erudite and accessible" FRP Advisory (JQ)

"Great Course, delivered amazingly" World Bank (AC)

"Best trainer I've ever encountered" BT Openreach (SC)

"Best training course I've attended" NHS Mersey (PK)

"Can't wait to apply the techniques" Motorola (CH)

"Best one-day Course I've been on" OUP (KB)

"One of the best Courses I've done" Aon (RG)

"Perfectly structured and delivered" Univ of South Wales (LJ)

"One of the best trainings I've had!" EBA (Anon)

"One of the best Courses attended" Amlin (KL)

"Best training Course I've been on!" Aon (JC) 

"Best training Course I've been on" Heriot-Watt Univ (VB) 

"Some of this stuff is life-changing!" Close Brothers (MD)

"Really excellent - career changing" RBS (CO)

"Best training session in my career" Univ of South Wales (HB)

"Best training Course I've had here" Aon (SRP)

"Fantastic... outstanding... brilliant" Masstock (TW)

"Fantastic... everyone should do it" Alliance Pharma (LG)

"You are awesome! It was brilliant" One Housing (KN)

"Where have you been all my life?" CJ (Close Bros)

"Thoroughly enjoyable and useful" Soho House Group (ST)

"Best Course of its kind I've done" Anglia Ruskin Uni (GC)

"Love the take-away pack/ leaflet" BUPA (HN)

"You might have changed my life!" Edinburgh Univ (HT)

"Most useful course I've attended" Trinity College (PKH)

"Most useful Course I've attended" RBC (PZ)

"Most useful Course I've been on" Virgin (VW)

"Best Course I've ever attended" Univ of South Wales (CP)

"Best Course I've ever attended!" Close Bros (JG)

"Best Course I've ever attended" Roche (Anon)

"Best training day in many years" Univ of Nottingham (RM)

"Best 'soft skills' class I've taken" RBC (AE)

"Everyone should do this Course" Channel 4 (CS)

"Best Course I've ever been on!!" Sussex Univ (TB)

"Loved the style of presentation" Leeds Beckett Uni (BW)

"Best staff training session ever" Leeds Art (anon)

"Best Course I've ever been on!" CSC Media (AM)

"Best Course I've ever been on" Arcus (RM)

"Brilliant - really glad I attended" Rio Tinto (AM)

"Action-packed, fun, informative" UKHO (KB) 

"Loved the structure and insight" World Bank (anon)

"So good, I didn't want it to end" IMF (ID)

"A fantastic learning experience" Barclays (SC)

"Dynamic, compelling, inspiring" MEC (SM)

"Will blow you out of your mind" IMF (Aon)

"Best training I've ever been to" MEC (BC)

"Could happily listen for hours!" Assura (DB)

"Absolutely fantastic presenter" MorrisonFS (Anon)

"The best Course I've attended" Team Improvement (ML)

"This is the best writing Course" IMF (AA)

"Jon is a top class professional" One Housing (PA)

"Truly insightful, revolutionary" LSBU (LGA)

"Extraordinary... it was great!!" MOD (DH)

"Didn't get bored for a second" Imperial Tobacco (LW)

"Mr Moon was simply amazing" IMF (YZ)

"This Course was phenomenal" Willis (NVE)

"Superb content and delivery!" Cardiff Met Univ (SL)

"Really enjoyable, very useful" Bord Gais (Irish Gas) (MS)

"A terrific way to spend a day" BAA (BS)

"Fully engaged the whole day" BUPA (DC)

"First class training delivery!!" Heriot-Watt (JR)

"Engaging from start to finish" London Stock Exchange (SL)

"Wow! It's been a revelation!" PRS (CS)

"Fascinating and enlightening" BP (CO)

"Best workshop I've attended" Orbis (anon)

"Will have an amazing impact" Newcastle Univ (TI)

"The day went past in a flash" Museum of London (RW)

"Jon is a remarkable speaker" IMF (HJ)

"Best training Course to date" Aon (RK)

"Best training in a long time!" World Bank (BH)

"Jon is fantastically engaging" ARKonline (JH)

"Sharp, snappy, entertaining" Norfolk County Council (KB)

"Loved the pace and content" Towers Watson (AG)

"Great day, fantastic energy" AAT (MM)

"Jon is a fantastic instructor" IMF (Anon)

"Best class I have attended!" IMF (Anon)

"A fantastic use of my time!" RBC (SFB)

"Best Course I've ever done" (Freelancer, MR)

"Fantastic Course! Loved it!" IMF (NP)

"Enjoyed every minute of it!" Edinburgh Uni (SG)

"Enjoyed every minute of it" One Housing (anon)

"Best training I've ever had" Aon (SM)

"Best training I've been on!" Aon (JC)

"This Course is a huge gift!" Clearnet (CG)

"Dynamic and entertaining" ITN (SN)

"Absolutely a joy to attend" IMF (YZ)

"Changes the world for me" World Bank (RV)

"Best course I've attended" Trinity College (PM)

"Jon is a brilliant presenter" Close Brothers (M)

"This Course was amazing" London Stock Exchange (VN)

"Really thought-provoking" JCB (RH)

"The day passed in a flash" Trinity College Dublin (DS)

"Best Course I've been on!" Legal Services (KN)

"Best Course I've been on" Aon (RM)

"Best Course I've been on" Anon (TeS)

"Filled with brilliant advice" CHL (PW)

"Brutal, funny and honest"(!) McCarthy & Stone (KH)

"Brilliant and eye-opening" Ofcom (LE)

"I loved it... Amaze-balls!" WaterAid (TM)

"A really fantastic Course" TFL (OM)

"A whirlwind of a Course!" Grace Foods (CR)

"Flew by, like a good film" Inmarsat (RL)

"What a fantastic Course!" RBC (JS)

"Fascinating and inspiring" Jupiter (JB)

"So good, I saw it twice!!" Keele Univ (TC)

"The advice was fantastic" ATG (CB)

"This was a fantastic day" Aon (LF)

"Exactly what I was after" DWP (NC)

"Barely a wasted minute" Unique Digital (JD)

"Fresh, new and brilliant" Heriot-Watt Uni (DS)

"Time absolutely flew by" BUPA (RJ)

"Jon was absolutely brill" MOD (RE)

"Great day, brilliant tips" MOD (FW)

"I did not want it to end" Annington (IH)

"WiT will change my life" LD (Close Bros)

"Exceptionally engaging" Coventry Building Society (JH)

"Jon is a perfect trainer" JISC (EP)

"Jon is super-engaging!" World Bank (EF)

"Has everyone hooked!" BUPA (RK)

"Hilarious! And brilliant" BT Police (AS)

"Fantastically delivered" Aon (CW)

"Jaw droppingly genius" Quintiles (GC)

"Absolutely fascinating" Sheffield Hallam Univ (AC)

"Thoroughly enjoyable!" AAC (AL)

"Thoroughly enjoyable" Loughborough Univ (MC)

"Thoroughly enjoyable" Grace Foods (DH)

"Thoroughly enjoyed it" UKHO (SP)

"WiT = game changer!" BWB (AW)

"Best Course in years!" Heriot-Watt (AS)

"Colour me impressed!" Liverpool Univ (NB)

"Jon did a brilliant job!" IMF (PW)

"Really useful Course!" BUPA (SP)

"Didn't want it to end!" RBC (GC)

"Jon is simply brilliant" Ofcom (NF)

"Brilliant presentation" Essex CC (MG)

"Loved all the content" Manchester Met Uni (NW)

"Never a dull moment" BAe Systems (TS)

"Such a great Course" IMF (Anon)

"A beast of a session"(!) Aon (SP)

"Exceptionally useful" BT (SW)

"The day just flew by" FF & P (JS)

"Top marks all round" BUPA (DR)

"Absolutely excellent" CII (DS)

"Brilliantly presented" AIB (DW)

"Jon turns it up to 11" Close Brothers (AB)

"Extremely awesome" World Bank (IFA)

"Fantastic presenter" Close Bros (LB)

"Hugely enlightening" Edinburgh Univ (SM)

"Compact for impact" World Bank (anon)

"It's simply fantastic" ITN (CN)

"Loved your humour" World Bank (LN)

"Delivered brilliantly" AIB (AC)

"Delivered brilliantly" Specsavers (MS)

"Extremely practical" RBC (KC)

"The day zipped by!" Ofcom (RM)

"Wonderful speaker" IMF (JA)

"Incredibly practical" BT (JW)

"Pure Dead Brilliant" Heriot-Watt Univ (LG)

"A beautiful Course" IMF (DLH)

"Will change my life" IMF (KT)

"I loved this Course" London Stock Exchange (EE)

"Totally captivating" Sheffield Hallam Univ (GW)

"Immensely helpful" World Bank (GN)

"Absolutely brilliant!" Abu Dhabi Uni (HF) 

"Absolutely brilliant" IMF (TW)

"Awesome training!" IMF (MA)

"VERY, VERY useful" Financial Services Authority (NS)

"Hugely worthwhile" Headcount, WPP (LB)

"Incredible insights" LSBU (SA)

"Fantastic - loved it" Martin Currie (CL)

"Fantastic... a must" Univ of Central Lancashire (PM)

"Incredibly helpful!" CIFF (MH)

"Excellent Course!!" IMF (NR)

"Truly inspirational" Dept Work & Pensions (SL)

"A brilliant session" Anglia Ruskin Univ (TM)

"Absolutely superb" LSBU (RS)

"Cracking training!" Liverpool Univ (GJ)

"Immensely useful" Edinburgh Univ (anon)

"Fantastic delivery" Legal and General (VP)

"Awesome session" World Bank (SS)

"Loved this Course" Dept of Education (MH)

"Loved the Course" Trivallis (CL)

"Loved the Course" Assura (DJ)

"Loved the Course" DWP (DB)

"I love the Course" World Bank (AP)

"Wonderful insight" World Bank (VM)

"Best Course ever" Abu Dhabi Uni (VP)

"That was brilliant" Trinity College (CR)

"Extremely useful" Liverpool Univ (BM)

"Extremely useful" Aldermore (SB)

"Extremely useful" Ofcom (DQ)

"Incredibly useful" Waterstones (DW)

"Jon was brilliant!" Aon (SM)

"Love the content" CIFF (AR)

"Tremendous day" Anon (Inmarsat)

"Ground-breaking" IMF (Anon)

"Fantastic! Perfect" NPower (DB)

"Fantastic training" OPFS (TA)

"Fantastic content" Anglia Ruskin Uni (MC)

"Fantastic content" Aon (KC)

"Fantastic class!!!" IMF (AM)

"Fantastic Course!" Aon (HW)

"Fantastic Course!" Ofcom (DB)

"Fantastic Course" Edinburgh University (CF)

"Fantastic Course" Univ of South Wales (SM)

"Fantastic Course" Heriot-Watt (LF)

"Fantastic Course" MorrisonsFS (SP)

"Fantastic Course" MorrisonsFS (BV)

"Fantastic Course" Channel 4 (SL)

"Fantastic Course" Inmarsat (LR)

"Fantastic Course" Active BP (AO)

"Fantastic Course" Screwfix (ML)

"Fantastic Course" UKHO (NM)

"Fantastic Course" UKHO (LS)

"Fantastic Course" UKHO (NS)

"Fantastic Course" Virgin (CW)

"Fantastic Course" Tesco (IB)

"Fantastic Course" BUPA (JB)

"Fantastic Course" Aon (SFH)

"Fantastic Course" CEIS (JH)

"Fantastic Course" RBC

"Fantastic Course" IMF (PH)

"Fantastic Course" JLT (PP)

"Fantastic insight" William Pears (CW)

"Fantastic insight" Willis (SC)

"Incredibly useful!" Ark (HP)

"Incredibly useful" Leeds Art (AS)

"Brilliant delivery" Ofcom (AOC)

"This was great!!" Coventry Building Society (JH)

"Game-changing" Arcus (JO)

"Perfect, brilliant" RBC (JH)

"Really beneficial" JP Morgan (PC)

"Simply fantastic" RBS India (RD)

"An amazing feat" Aon (RA)

"Amazing Course" Thames Valley Housing Assoc (HB)

"Hugely valuable" Ofcom (SJ)

"Fantastic advice" London Stock Exchange (AR)

"Bloody brilliant!" Environment Agency (NG) 

"The day flew by" Volvo (KM)

"Brilliant Course!" IMF (Anon)

"Brilliant Course!" St Barts (EC)

"Brilliant Course" House of Goodness (HO)

"Brilliant Course" National Archives (JB)

"Brilliant Course" Miller Insurance (LT)

"Brilliant Course" BT Openreach (NSP)

"Brilliant Course" Sussex Univ (AB)

"Brilliant Course" World Bank (AG)

"Brilliant Course" Close Bros (LH)

"Brilliant Course" RBC-J (anon)

"Brilliant Course" Ofcom (AF)

"Brilliant Course" Ofcom (Sa)

"Brilliant Course" Tesco (PB)

"Brilliant Course" CHL (LP)

"Game changing" Virgin Atlantic (TL)

"Utterly brilliant" Anglia Ruskin Uni (LC)

"Fantastic ideas" NPower (KB)

"Superb Course" Tidal Lagoon Power (NS)

"Superb Course" BUPA (BM)

"A fantastic day" 6dg (SP)

"A fantastic day" Aon (LF)

"You are great!" World Bank (anon)

"Truly excellent" Kames Capital (JM)

"Truly inspiring" Freshfields (Anon)

"Brilliant value!" Towers Watson (CW)

"Jon is brilliant" IMF (Anon)

"Super session" ARKonline (AZ

"Mind-blowing!" LSBU (NJ)

"Mind-blowing" World Bank (PS)

"Mind-blowing" Anon (DoC)

"Life changing" IMF (BS)

"Fantastic job" IMF (SK)

"Spellbinding" Inmarsat (BG)

"Brilliant day" Heriot-Watt (JM)

"Outstanding" Miller (from 7 out of 8 delegates (note 1))

"Outstanding" Willis (NP)

"Outstanding" BUPA (JH)

"Great class!" London Stock Exchange (TF)

"Light-bulb!" LSBU (CH)

"Light-bulb" MOD (RS)

"Marvellous" PIMCO (MH)


"Awesome!" IMF (CC)

"Awesome" Arcus (JB)

"It was fab" LeasePlan (RB)

"Wonderful" Lloyds Register (SS) 

"Wonderful" World Bank (anon)

"Wonderful" UKHO (MW)

"Wonderful" LSBU (RH) 

"Invaluable" Environment Agency (JA)

"Fantastic!!" LSBU (FB)

"Fantastic!!" BUPA (GP)

"Fantastic!" Heriot-Watt (LB)

"Fantastic!" St Barts (AA)

"Fantastic!" Ofcom (PDP)

"Fantastic!" Anon (EP)

"Fantastic!" RBC (JS)

"Fantastic" Close Brothers (HC)

"Fantastic" Home Office (BA)

"Fantastic" Quintiles (MA)

"Fantastic" NPower (AN)

"Fantastic" NPower (KB)

"Fantastic" NPower (MK)

"Fantastic" BUPA (HN)

"Fantastic" Miller (MB)

"Fantastic" RBC (AC)

"Fantastic" M&S (NF)

"Fantastic" Aon (MF)

"Bang on!" McCarthy & Stone (JA)

"Loved it" Heriot-Watt Univ (DH)

"Loved it" Kames Capital (IS)

"Loved it" World Bank (SM)

"Loved it" WaterAid (DH)

"Loved it" Ofcom (DO)

"Loved it" Arcus (MP)

"Loved it" RBS (WW)

"Loved it" IMF (DY)

"Loved it" IMF (CA)

"Amazing" Circle IT (JG)

"Brilliant!" Edinburgh University (SOR)

"Brilliant!" Reed Exhibitions (PC)

"Brilliant!" World Bank (EW)

"Brilliant!" World Bank (LG)

"Brilliant!" PRS (Anon)

"Brilliant!" Aon (AS)

"Brilliant!" KFC (PS)

"Brilliant!" IMF (IB)

"Brilliant!" Anon

"Brilliant" London Stock Exchange (Anon)

"Brilliant" Anglia Ruskin Univ (TH)

"Brilliant" National Archives (TF)

"Brilliant" Heriot-Watt Univ (AT)

"Brilliant" Newcastle Univ (Anon)

"Brilliant" Abu Dhabi Univ (IM)

"Brilliant" Home Office (DH)

"Brilliant" Close Bros (GB)

"Brilliant" RBS India (SS)

"Brilliant" St Barts (JF)

"Brilliant" NPower (Anon)

"Brilliant" Magnox (MD)

"Brilliant" GDC (GM)

"Brilliant" CIFF (LT)

"Brilliant" AIG (BU)

"Legend" BUPA (KS)

"Superb" Grace Foods (IK)

"Superb" Arcus (JC)

"Superb" Virgin (JP)

"Superb" RBC (NM)

"Perfect" DWP (PG)

"- B

   * R

      + I

          * L

             - L" DWP (CL) 


If still unsure, try these:

"I was sceptical about what I would get this Course, but how wrong I was" Waterstones (MB)

"I arrived at the start of the day thinking: 'Not another boring Course to attend'. I left thinking: 'I am so lucky I got a chance to attend'." Trinity College, Dublin (JC)

Note 1, re: 7 out of 8 from Miller: very unusually, its feedback form offered the word 'Outstanding' - it had the following 'tick-box' options: "Not worth my time; Could have been better; Interesting; Excellent; Outstanding". Seven delegates ticked Outstanding. The eighth (and final delegate) ticked Excellent. Almost a perfect score...