Jon Moon

Clarity and Impact

Thinking of a virtual Course..?

An all-day one too?!! Worried people will fall asleep?

Fear not - read the testimonials below. About 90% are from all-day online Courses. The other 10% (the greyed down ones) are from Courses spread over two half-day sessions.

Notice 'love', 'fantastic', 'wonderful', 'brilliant'. Notice the repeated mention of 'really/ thoroughly/ immensely enjoyed'. 

But it's even better - 50% of delegates stay for more (I'm rather proud of this). At the end of all my Courses, I offer to cover an extra 25-minute topic if anyone wants it - and after a full day online staring at a screen, on average half the delegates stay behind for this extra bit. Which says something. 

My favourite testimonial? The runners-up are:

"A fantastic session. It's usually rather difficult to keep the audience engaged for long periods of time when face-to-face, but Jon has accomplished this via a Zoom call... I enjoyed it immensely" 

"It was very refreshing to do a Course that didn't focus on endless, pointless breakout groups. It meant we could actually focus on content and learning and I felt it made the Course much more efficient." 

But the winner is:

"The (all-day) session was absolutely fantastic! I was not bored for even a minute!" 

(Where do testimonials come from? From 13 clients, 10 countries, 3 continents. The favourite (above) is from India.) 


Testimonials from one-day online Courses (9.30-16.30) 

(Grey ones were virtual Courses run as two half-day sessions.)

"Thank you so much for an informative, interesting and wonderfully entertaining workshop. I have to say, when I heard I was doing a day long workshop on Report Writing, I was almost looking at ways to get out of it, but I'm delighted I got to attend" 

"Thoroughly enjoyed it, which is not something I can say about a lot of Courses. Normally trying not to fall asleep is high on my agenda, but there was no issue yesterday - I found your Course very engaging from the start" 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session... lively, fast-paced and entertaining delivery kept my attention and drew my interest into the subjects" 

"Thanks a mill for today. I really enjoyed it and cannot remember the last time I was still engaged in a training seminar 7.5 hours later" 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it hugely beneficial - many thanks and a sincere well done" 

"Very entertaining, great at keeping you fully engrossed, the time flew by" 

"Thoroughly enjoyed your Clarity & Impact Course today" 

"Really did enjoy the Course (and) it made perfect sense"

"Thanks a million for a great session... really enjoyed it" 

"Super and engaging style which really worked for me" 

"Really enjoyed it as I am sure everyone else did" 

"Excellent... incredibly useful... very memorable" 

"Really enjoyed the way it was presented" 

"The Course was fantastic!!... captivating" 

"Loved the delivery, it kept me engaged"

"Thoroughly enjoyed your Course"

"Thanks for a wonderful session!" 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Course" 

"Really enjoyed the training day" 

"Enjoyed the Course immensely" 

"Really enjoyed Friday's session" 

"Absolutely loved your Course" 

"Really enjoyed the Course" 

"Really enjoyed the day"

"Fantastic presentation"

"Thoroughly enjoyed it"

"Highly entertaining"

"Really was brilliant"

"A really good day"

"Fantastic training"

"Had a great time"

"Really enjoyed it"

"Really enjoyed it"

"It was excellent" 

"Really brilliant"

"A great day"