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Clarity and Impact

What Course organisers say

Testimonials are grouped by Organiser: Sales/ Marketing; Finance; Other.

Sales/ Marketing in-house Courses

“Jon ran several fantastic courses for our front end business producers and delegate feedback was excellent. He’s not simply another presentation or report-writing trainer. Jon’s work is unlike anything you’ll have seen before and is in a class of his own. I highly recommend you book him for your business producers” Learning & Development Director, Insurance Sector, London

“I really liked the work done by our Finance team after Jon had presented to them, so I booked him for my Marketing, Design and Communications group. I’m so glad I did, he’s helped us in so many ways. In particular, he’s given our Sales documents so much more impact - if you think Tender documents should say: “we recruit the best staff” or “we put clients first”, think again. If you think Jon’s magic is just for Finance, not Sales and Marketing, think again. Then contact Jon. He’s that very rare breed: the complete package, coupled with lots of great new ideas (WiT in particular). Highly recommended.” Graham Donald, Marketing Director, Matthew Clark (£500m drinks company)

“We thought our tender documents were pretty good. Jon showed us how easy it is to make them so much better. His Course is called “Clarity and Impact” and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Fantastic. Highly recommended” Jan Fishwick, Chief Executive, Parents and Children Together

(This next one wasn't from a Course, but is on Sales & Marketing)

“To enhance your sales tenders, pitches and slides.... to win more business – get into Jon’s stuff. It’s really, really good.” Gavin Duffy, a Dragon on Ireland's Dragons' Den. Click here for more on Gavin 

Finance in-house Courses

“OK, Jon’s Course doesn’t sound like much – some new methodologies on ‘simple’ topics like tables and graphs and bullet points – but they are like a light switching on, they have the power to transform documents dramatically. After joining this company as CFO, we ‘Mooned’ our finance board packs and flash reports. They now look fantastic and have been extremely well received by the Board. To bring clarity and focus on your key issues, ‘Moon’ your documents too – Jon’s work really is 'what they don’t teach at accountancy school – but should!'.” Tom Boucher, CFO, Dataexplorers (the world’s most complete resource for data, analytics and insight into short-selling and securities financing)

After I saw Jon give an inspiring 40 minute Conference talk to over 300 people, I booked him for our Institute members. I was asking a lot of Jon: 55 delegates for a whole day - and a Saturday too.  No matter. He gave a wonderfully engaging and entertaining Course which was also extremely useful. Delegate feedback was exceptional and many have since thanked me for arranging the day” Elizabeth Welch, United Kingdom branch secretary of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants  

“Accountants get taught how to crunch numbers but don’t get taught how to show them with clarity and impact. Thankfully Jon teaches this. And teaches it fantastically. Entertaining, inspiring, practical, challenging, thought-provoking – and very useful. Management really like our new-look “Mooned” documents. Highly recommended” Moira Reid, Senior Management Accountant, University of Liverpool

“Jon gave his 3-hour Course twice in one day to 50 delegates in total. The day went extremely well, delegate feedback was excellent – and WiT has become the new buzzword in our department!” Janet Keene, Finance Office Training & Support Manager, University of Warwick

"A real eye opener - insightful, enjoyable and very useful. Accountants really should learn, and be examined, on Jon’s methodologies as a key part of their formal training. Being able to present information to management which is clear, easy to read and understand is an essential part of any accountant's "toolkit". Our business partners really appreciate the simplicity and clarity of the new-look reports - it saves them time by focussing on what's relevant" Michael Cashin, Financial Controller, Pharma Development, Roche Products Ltd

Finally, what do the Finance function's clients think? Here's what a Marketing Director said (see the Sales testimonials for his full story): “I really liked the work done by our Finance team after Jon had presented to them, so I booked him for my department. I’m so glad I did... highly recommended.” Graham Donald, Marketing Director, Matthew Clark (£500m company)

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Other - lots of functions at once

"Jon delivered a fantastic full-day Course to over 30 people from 9 different departments within the Commission. Afterwards, delegates couldn't wait to get cracking with all the new ideas and tips - and were even wincing at stuff that they'd previously thought was fine" Rebecca Bennett, Information Manager, Legal Services Commission