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Clarity and Impact

Clarity and Impact

To see it as a public Course, click here to see dates. For an in-house, contact me to discuss the fee, it depends on several factors.

Overview of all-day Course (9.30 - 4.30)

Imagine doing documents that people praise and envy. That win business or impress Boards. That save time - yours, your readers, your audiences. Imagine the impact on your career.

Imagine no more. Transform your work, from notes and reports to packs and slides. I cover a huge amount in just one day, including: 

1.  WiT*: my alternative to bullets - it sharpens thinking 
2.  Words: quick tips to make your writing a joy to read
3.  Graphs: why most graphs don’t work; what to do instead
4.  Tables: my “Five Fixes” to do tables people love, not loathe
5.  Layout: principles for smart work; which fonts to use when

* WiT also visually lifts your points from the page, as can be seen from this, my WiT redo of a Cabinet paper. And here are WiT testimonials

Also, do you ever feel you're not getting to the nub of what you wish to convey? That you're not hitting the right buttons? Worry no more - in just 30 minutes, you learn two simple tips that will change your work forever.

We also find time to review some delegates’ work - often it’s the day’s highlight.

OK, the topics don’t sound much really (bullets… tables… graphs…) but read delegates’ testimonials. Read Course Organisers’ testimonials too. The day is inspiring, eye-opening, hugely enjoyable, immensely useful and more. 

You'll never look at a slide, report or board pack in the same way again - and your work will be better than you ever imagined. So book now and make the rest of your working life so much more rewarding.

Who should attend

Attend if you do slides, reports and notes. If that sounds a broad church, it is - I’ve delivered in-house training to all functions in business: sales, IT, compliance, finance, marketing, strategy, HR, admin support, consumer insight, actuarial, project management, business development, property services, economic analysis, etc.

And to all types too - CEOs, managers, graduate trainees, university profs, MBA students, investment bankers, etc.
Here's a long list of clients where I've done in-house Courses.

Pre-Course knowledge


Finally remember to read the delegates’ testimonials.