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Clarity and Impact

Clarity and Impact

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For an in-house, contact me to discuss the fee, it depends on several factors (e.g. if you use Ariba, a premium will apply - it soaks up hours of my time).

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Imagine doing documents that people praise and envy. That win business or impress Boards. That save time - yours, your readers', your audiences'. Imagine the impact on your career.

Imagine no more.

The Course goes far beyond a typical 'writing' Course - it's not just a day on words. You get (and the hyperlinks take you down the page for more) great detail on a huge range of topics. You also learn to rise above all that detail and summarise. Distil. A vital skill. Finally, often we must do more than just convey. So you discover how to persuade. Sell. Achieve outcomes

So start now. Create work that's better than you ever imagined. And see your career become so much more rewarding. 

Spoiler Alert: I don't pad the day with contrived break-outs. Instead, I teach. If you want contrived break-outs, don't attend.

"Far & away best training Course I've done" 



Many reports are more than just words, so the Course is too. Here's some topics it covers if delegates vote for them (and several take less than 10 minutes to do):

WiT* (my signature dish): it's clear layout and clear thinking. 
Tables: how to get bosses to congratulate you on yours.
Graphs: which ones work, which don't - and what to do instead.
Readability: write so people enjoy reading what you write.
R-A-G reports: why they're bad, and what to do instead.
Design/ layout: real principles, not lazy 'MS Office' colouring.
Agatha Christie(!): why many reports are like mystery novels.
Being less concise: when to be more wordy... 
So-called 'deck' reports: their myths and truths... exposed.

* WiT also visually lifts your points from the page, as can be seen from this, my WiT redo of a Cabinet paper. 

Also, three-minute cameos often surface. If delegates ask about infographics, icons, story-telling, visuals/ autoshapes, etc, I briefly explain when to do such stuff - and when not to. Also: 

Talks: there's many types - conferences, lunch-and-learns, presenting reports to bosses - and if people want it, we spend 25 minutes on them all. Slides. How to start. Themes. How to write speeches in minutes, not hours. A great tip for nerves. 

Dashboardssorted - here's how: take the tips on Design, Graphs, Tables; add some extra tips; then review the delegates' work (see further below) - and your dashboards sizzle.   


OK, some topics above don't sound much (tables?!) but see the testimonials. It's eye-opening and hugely enjoyable.  

"Made all previous Courses look terrible"



If you can rise above detail - if you can quickly get to the heart of what you wish to convey… bosses will love you. In just 25 minutes, discover a trick to do just that.

It is the most important bit of the day. 

"Wow... you've made me love documents" 



- See when to write not like an analyst, but like a journalist.
- Want to persuade? I reveal an oft-overlooked button to press.
- Find out the importance of open doors versus closed ones. 
- Learn about 'repeatability' (it's slightly Machiavellian...).
- Hear why many reports should be more like perfume ads(?!). 

"Absolutely fantastic! Not bored even for a minute" 
(Said by a delegate after an all-day online Course...)



Delegates bring along their work, and in the afternoon, we briefly look at some. In detail. Whether it’s a sales pitch, a one-off proposal to bosses, a monthly update, a procedure manual or an internal review – whatever it is, we drill deep into it.

It makes the learning real and brings it to life.

"Utterly brilliant" | "Blown away!" | "Loved it!"



Who should attend; pre-Course knowledge

Attend if you do slides, reports and notes. If that sounds a broad church, it is - I’ve delivered in-house training to all functions in business: sales, IT, compliance, finance, marketing, strategy, HR, admin support, consumer insight, actuarial, project management, business development, property services, economic analysis, etc.

And to all types too - CEOs, managers, graduate trainees, university profs, MBA students, investment bankers, etc.

There is no required pre-Course knowledge.
Here's a long list of clients where I've done in-house Courses.

"One of the best days I've ever spent" (!)