Jon Moon

Clarity and Impact

My background

(Much of the stuff below has been said already elsewhere on this site. This page brings it together in one place.)

I teach document clarity and impact. I've delivered training Courses at the IMF, the World Bank, JP Morgan, fifteen of the FTSE100 and more. My book 'Clarity and Impact' has been a best-seller in its field.

I've spoken to 5 people and to 500 people. I present to all functions - executives, sales, finance, HR, IT and more - and at away-days and conferences.

I also do redo clients' documents for them. I've redone KPIs, results slides for analysts, multi-million pound client pitches, monthly accounts packs and more.

Previously, I was in the City, as CFO for an insurance company and acquisitions Partner for a FTSE 250 plc.

And decades ago, I qualified as a chartered accountant and an MBA. I'm married with two children and am learning to drum. And I juggle.

Picture of Jon jugglingPicture of Jon jugglingPicture of Jon juggling